Hi I have a name.
Dutch by blood and Australian by culture/residency/language/accent. lol.
Adelaide, in South Australia.
26 years.
I am a computer nerd.
Terribly sarcastic/snarky/satirical.
Sometimes I offend people without knowing....
and then continue to be oblivious..
I love Batman, Ben Folds, Arrested Development, Dexter, Doctor Who and many more things.. including dogs..
I like customizing/modifying things myself, for fun.
I'm 6'2.8" (191.5 cm) tall.
send me an "ask" and I'll respond with truth/lies/UnKNOWN!?! :O

18th September 2012

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Hitler flirting with Eva Braun.

I don’t know how this makes me feel

It makes me feel very uncomfortable

You know what’s so uncomfortable about this? It shows that perhaps one of the most evil men in history, was a human being. That, on occasion, he could be nice, even flirty. That’s not all. You want to see evil people as evil, screaming horrible stuff over a desk with 20 microphones with 20, 000 people saluting them. The evil is clear and recognizable then. This shows a completely different image, it scares you because that means that evil isn’t a stereotype, that evil is not recognizable, that evil could be anyone. It scares you because this shows that could be lurking inside anyone and you’ll never ever know. Maybe in you? 

i reblogged this literally like 2 minutes ago, but i want this version because of that comment ^

Wow, yes these images make me feel very uncomfortable and the above comments explain it better than I could.


I don’t think he thought that what he was doing was evil… I guess there’s a difference between someone who does evil and knows he does evil, and someone who does evil but thinks they’re doing good.

Source: axishistory

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