Hi I have a name.
Dutch by blood and Australian by culture/residency/language/accent. lol.
Adelaide, in South Australia.
26 years.
I am a computer nerd.
Terribly sarcastic/snarky/satirical.
Sometimes I offend people without knowing....
and then continue to be oblivious..
I love Batman, Ben Folds, Arrested Development, Dexter, Doctor Who and many more things.. including dogs..
I like customizing/modifying things myself, for fun.
I'm 6'2.8" (191.5 cm) tall.
send me an "ask" and I'll respond with truth/lies/UnKNOWN!?! :O

16th September 2012

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A Town Called Mercy v.s. The Doctor’s Daughter


… Okay, I don’t defend Moffat’s show-writing abilities much, but:

  1. This episode was written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Saul Metzstein. Neither of which are Moffat.
  2. These parallels (or, really, lack-there-of) are purposeful. It’s not discontinuity based on bad writing. It’s showing the dark path the Doctor’s going down. He’s meant to be waving about a gun and throwing the other doctor over the barrier, because he’s losing his sense of morality, patience, everything, really. He’s tired. He’s broken. He’s guilt-ridden and drowning in his own self-hatred, so much so that he genuinely doesn’t know. It’s not bad writing - it’s character development.


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    The thing is 9 and 10 were the courage and fury of the Doctor.11 was described by many of the screenwriters and matt...
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