Hi I have a name.
Australian w/ Dutch bckgrnd
Adelaide, in South Australia.
26 years.
I'm in to electronic devices.
Terribly sarcastic/snarky/satirical.
Sometimes I offend people without knowing....
and then continue to be oblivious..
I love Batman, Ben Folds, Arrested Development, Dexter, Doctor Who and many more things.. including dogs.. why not ask me if I love a thing that you love? :)
I like customizing/modifying things myself for fun as well!
I'm 6'2.8" (191.5 cm) tall.
send me an "ask", that's sure to go well for everyone lol.


theregeneratingdegenerate | inspirezme:

Introducing The Leap

The Leap is a small iPod sized USB peripheral that creates a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on your laptop or desktop computer. It’s like being able to reach into the computer and pull out information as easily as reaching into a cookie jar. The Leap senses your individual hand and finger movements independently, as well as items like a pen. In fact, it’s 200x more sensitive than existing touch-free products and technologies. It’s the difference between sensing an arm swiping through the air and being able to create a precise digital signature with a fingertip or pen.

Watch how it works below:

#wow okay this is all getting very tony stark 

The wii u has some extreme competition.
This thing looks incredible 

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