Hi I have a name.
Australian w/ Dutch bckgrnd
Adelaide, in South Australia.
26 years.
I'm in to electronic devices.
Terribly sarcastic/snarky/satirical.
Sometimes I offend people without knowing....
and then continue to be oblivious..
I love Batman, Ben Folds, Arrested Development, Dexter, Doctor Who and many more things.. including dogs.. why not ask me if I love a thing that you love? :)
I like customizing/modifying things myself for fun as well!
I'm 6'2.8" (191.5 cm) tall.
send me an "ask", that's sure to go well for everyone lol.

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  1. drhfgordon said: You are the best boss, sir.
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    I’ll keep it for his next birthday.
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    *ponders a moment, chewing on her bottom lip as she thinks* Maybe.
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  5. mappingin said: I went to some raaaandom shop in a town called Monash in the Riverland once, and they had stuff like that. Lame jokey stuff like that xD
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